1/ The political leanings of the BBC

– The BBC is publicly financed: a state broadcaster
– Financed by a licence fee (redevance TV)
– BBC: British Broadcasting Corporation
· Soft-left world view
– BBC = political correctness : a way of not giving offence to anybody and in particular minorities
– The BBC is independent from the government

2/ Links with the BBC and the previous governments

– Margaret Tatcher : couldn’t stand the BBC
– During the Falklands war (malouines)
– The BBC was against the war because Falklands were closer to Argentina
– MT couldn’t shut them up
– Prevent journalist from the BBB to have access to the Falklands
– What she did during that war was used by the USA during the First Gulf War

– The BBC is quite favourable to old labour

3/ Spinning intelligence

– The art of presenting information favourably for yourself
– To get reports from Intelligence services and rephrase them to your purpose
· THE BBC point of view
– Tony Blair have diced to go to Iraq to overthrow Saddam Hussein and weapons of mass destruction were only a pretext
– The government wanted information the intelligence (MI6 & MI5) services they could use
– For the BBC, Alister Campbell used spinning information

4/ Doctor Kelly

– An expert of weapon of mass destruction
– Was working for the ministry of defence
– The secret information is protected in GB by the “Official of Secrets Acts
– Was accused of giving information to the BBC
– David Kelly had spoken to a journalist: we’ve got a tape
– So he lied to the comity: he was trying to save his skin

5/ Alister Campbell

– Prime Minster’s press secretary
– Was a journalist working for the Daily Mirror
– A left wing tabloid (popular press)
– AC is hated by the rest of the press
– AC hate the BBC
– Because the BBC is favourable to Old labour, not New Labour
– BBC: only effective political opposition to the government

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