Many of my students ask me for a list of GMAT tips to help them fight the exam.  I have therefore decided to start writing a tip or two every week that will help you do well on the test.  Over time I have been collecting quotes about how to squash the GMAT from people who have already done so.  If you want help with your GMAT prep and want to read more you can visit my site at GMAT Prep in Paris


How to study for the GMAT (part 2)


4) At the end of a study session, spend 5-10 minutes writing up a summary of your progress with that chapter. I'm really good at X. I'm okay at Y. I'm still struggling with Z. (Note: X, Y, and Z might be (1) specific facts or rules, (2) techniques, (3) timing, (4) educated guessing, or (5) some combo of the above.) Then figure out what you want to review and when. Perhaps I spend Mon through Fri doing new stuff, then Sat is for review, so I make a note that, on Sat, I want to review Y and Z, and I also want to try a few more advanced things in the X category – either from the advanced chapter, if there is one, or from higher-numbered OG problems.



At the beginning of a study session, review your summary notes from your last few study sessions in order to decide how best to spend your time.




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