Business schools – Bad for business ?

Un article assez vieux ( 17 février 2005 ) de The Economist à propos des MBA et des Business Schools “Business schools stand accused of being responsible for much that is wrong with corporate management today”

But just as the market value of an MBA is reviving, its academic credibility is being attacked. In a forthcoming article to be published posthumously in Academy of Management Learning & Education, Sumantra Ghoshal argues that many of the “worst excesses of recent management practices have their roots in a set of ideas that have emerged from business-school academics over the last 30 years.”

Mr Ghoshal believed that the desire of business schools to make the study of business a science, “a kind of physics”, has led them increasingly to base their management theories on some of the more dismal assumptions and techniques developed by economists, particularly by the “Chicago School” and its intellectual leader, Milton Friedman.

A particularly worrying feature of these theories, says Mr Ghoshal, is that they have no “role for human intentionality or choice”. And not only do such theories falsely claim to be scientific, teaching them can make them self-fulfilling. Business-school students learn that managers cannot be trusted—so when they become managers their behaviour is of the untrustworthy sort. Students have been freed “from any sense of moral responsibility”. Hence scandals such as those at Enron, where business-school educated executives were prominent. And hence, perhaps, future Enrons yet to be created by this year’s much-in-demand crop of MBAs.

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